Friday, 26 May 2017

Best Gardening Websites: Online Tools To Guide Your Green Thumb

From Mother Nature Network's Ramon Gonzalez:

A Google search can help you find many online gardening resources, but the amount of information can be overwhelming, and there's no guarantee that the top search results will be written by knowledgeable gardeners or even answer your questions.

Experienced gardeners have their favorite gardening websites and resources bookmarked for easy reference. If you're just getting started with gardening, you may no t know where to start. Below we've compiled a number of websites and resources to help you get your garden off the ground this year.

With so much free gardening information available online, there's no reason you can't grow a successful garden. Visit and bookmark these online gardening resources to grow your green thumb this year. Got a favorite site we didn't mention? Leave a note in the comments.

List and captions courtesy of MNN

Determine Your Garden Zone

Making a trip to your garden center when you don't know what plants to buy can be a costly mistake. One summer early in my gardening endeavors, I wondered why the beautiful hibiscus I had planted the previous summer hadn't returned. It turned out I had planted a tropi cal hibiscus. Before you fall in love with a plant, tree or shrub at the garden center, take a look at the USDA Zone Plant Hardiness Zone Map to determine your zone. The map will give you a good idea of what plants are likely to thrive in your location. Once you know what your hardiness zone is, compare it to the zone hardiness printed on plant labels and only buy shrubs, trees and perennials hardy to your zone.

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